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Innovative Language Learning Methods for Adults (GreekLang), in Patras Greece. From 11/04/2010 until 17/04/2010

Improving Education, improving foreign language learning and training for trainers and Adults ensuring access of ICT to everyone is a vital priority for all European countries. This workshop “INNOVATIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING METHODS FOR ADULTS” contributes to the Quality and effectiveness of Education in Europe, offering ways to open it up to the wider world.

The project aims to offer courses of learning the Greek language, as a second language, to participants, because we believe that everyone has the right to experience language learning and to share the European Ideal, making aware to Adults of the benefits of knowing a foreign language:

Language is a valuable instrument for European mobility and the opportunity for personal and professional development. It will give the participants self confidence-improving their motivation to learn their communicational skills and their understanding of other cultures

We are also experienced in organizing successful study visits in our area and in our city, since 1999, offering innovative learning methods of the Greek methods and sharing examples of good practice (e-portfolio, m-learning) with other European colleagues.

The participants will get acquainted with collaborative teaching methods in learning the Greek Language using the innovative methods, based on the communicative approach of the language, the Project method, active participation of the participants in classes and the ELPortfolio.

Target Group:

European Adults of all ages according to the following criteria: sufficient knowledge of English language, graduates of secondary education at minimum, people with fewer possibilities for transnational mobility in the EU, experience of participation in European programmes.

Main activities of the workshop:

  • Introductory lessons in the Greek language, in history, culture and Greek way of life.
  • Teaching methodology.
  • Use of ICT in languages learning.
  • Phonetic teaching of the Greek language.
  • Experimental learning of the Greek language with cooking, music, Greek dances, through Art and with cultural visit of ancient castle of Patras and of Ancient Olympia.
  • Presentation – applying of the e – European Language Portfolio for Adults, through self – evaluation activities.
  • Learning languages via mobile telephones (m-learning).

Expected outcomes – impact

  • Development of communication ability for Adults acquiring a multi – lingual and intercultural consciousness.
  • Obtaining new skills in foreign languages.
  • Discovering new strategies for language learning and achieving intercultural skills. It gives Adults self – confidence, improve their communication skills and their understanding of other cultures.
  • Contributes to innovative learning – teaching Methods in Greek language offering “pathways” to the Greek culture.

The participants in the workshop will be accommodated in hotel in the city of Patras, in single bedrooms, all meals included.

A means of transport (mini bus) will be used to for their transfer in the city of Patras and in social and cultural activities.

The workshop will take place in the premises of the lab of the Hellenic Open University.

The Greek Pedagogic Institute of the Ministry of Education and the Center of Adult Education under the Ministry of Education will support the workshop offering educators and educational material.

Reasons for attending Greek lessons in Patras “workshop”.

  • To meet people from various nations and to make new friends.
  • To improve your abilities – skills in you job. Enrich your CV with a new study in another European Country. The experience living in another European Country may interest you future employees.
  • To explore your horizons. Knowing a foreign civilization, you obtain a new perspective in your life and increase your adjusting skills.
  • To increase your self-esteem. Learning how to cope with in a foreign country, you increase your self-esteem and your maturity.
  • To improve your knowledge in a foreign language professionally. Your studies or the practice on it abroad, may improve impressively your language skills competence. If you don’t have a language skill, this will be an ideal chance to obtain a good professional knowledge of another European language.
  • To obtain the experience of various civilizations and of various education and training system. Understanding deeply the other civilization may lead you in a more flexible approach of learning and cooperating with people coming from different nations.


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