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The Achaia Adult Educational Institute is a Non Governmental, Non Profit Organization, founded in 2004 in Patras, in Achaia Prefecture Greece, in the general context to help Adults to set up thoughts and ideas which would foster new rights and values in our society. Within its objectives there are:

  • To promote the European dimension of Life Long Learning through transnational cooperation.
  • To increase the Adult Learners capacity to play a full and active role in the society and develop their intercultural awareness.
  • To promote innovation and improve availability, accessibility and quality of Educational provision for Adults by means of European cooperation.
  • To promote the idea of Voluntarism in our society and in Europe and especially in all the Adult Citizens.
  • To develop new cooperation relationships: this would lead to a better education and culture for our Adult society.
  • To promote the use of new technologies.
  • To plan, promote and participate in innovating global projects which would attract the Adult Citizens within a lasting program of a life long learning, aiming to the promotion of Democracy, Peace and better Education for our European Adult Society.

The ACHAIA members are citizens from all social backgrounds from the city of Patras and all over Greece. Every European Adult citizen from age 18-98 is invited to be a new member.

Our main work is teaching Adults, giving courses about new technologies, European Union and the social, economic, historical aspects of the European Union, helping disadvantaged minority groups, teaching migrants the Greek Language and ICT courses, in the frame of European  Life Long Learning Projects.

Our target groups are local community Adult learners, pension learners, Adult volunteer learners,  women of all ages, minorities, immigrants, refuges adults with special needs lacking basic education and qualifications. We cooperate with Patras Municipality , Hellenic Open Univerrsity, Patrra’s University, NELLE- Achaia Prefecturre .

President :

Mrs Kyriaki Vamvaka –Christodoulopoulou.

Address: Voreiou Ipirou 58, 26224, Patras, Greece

Tel: 0030 2610 321687


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