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Achaia Adult Education Institute

Achaia Adult Education Institute focus on organizing and offering education packages for learning the Greek language as second to social excluded society groups free.

Learning the Greek language and the basic elements of the Greek culture is vital for us, because in this way the learners obtain language and communicative skills and the practical social and intercultural abilities, which are very important and necessary in life.

With these skills the socially excluded groups are encouraged socially and personally, as they become active European citizens,

we are really very experienced in organizing workshops for adults, because we have in the past implemented a lot of workshops for Adults, hosting European Teaches and Educators in Patras. In 2004, we implemented and organized successfully a workshop for 20 European Teachers/Educators and 5 Greeks with the theme: ‘E-collaboration for student and teachers: tools methods and examples of good practice’, (Socrates-Comenius 2.2 course GR-2004-003) in the Hellenic Open University premises for 7 days, successfully.


Institute’s experience in organizing workshops for groups of learners

Our institute has a lot of experience organizing courses education packages for learning the Greek language. Analytically, in 2006 we organized and offered language package-courses for learning the Greek language to immigrants in our city, Patras (Albanians, Kurds, Bulgarians, Palestinians etc) 20-55 years of age, and courses on basic skills of ICT in cooperation with Patras Municipality free.

In 2007, we also offered the same education language package to immigrants in level A1 and A2 in cooperation with Patras municipality. The academic year 2008-2009 ,we offered education language package courses to foreign university students who study in Patras university (from India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Nigeria in cooperation with the Municipality of Rio (DEAR). We are also experienced in organizing workshops for adults because we have implemented several workshops in Patras and have hosted European Teachers. As above referred, we have organized and hosted.

In November 2008 we have organized and hosted a group of Fillands from Kotka ETEMA (Minfja EMMA- Kotkan Kaupunki) in Patras city. They were given Greek lesson courses in a very successful way.

Our institute has not only national activities but also on International and European level such as:

1. October 2004: Organizing and implementing the course Comenius 2,2 course to 20 European Teachers and 5 Greeks with the title e-collaboration between students and teachers: Tools methods and examples of good practice

2. February –May 2007: Greek language courses given to immigrants (Albanians, Kurds, Bulgarians, Palestinians etc) of 20-60 years old.

3. December 2008 – June 2009: Greek language courses to foreign post graduate students in Patras University in cooperation with the Municipality of Rio (DEAR). We are experienced in teaching the Greek language as a second language via mobile phones (e-learning). We participated in the research team of the Hellenic Open University (HOU) in Patras (2007-2009) in the European project Grundtvig I “Bila Learn” (, we applied and taught the Greek language via mobile phones to Rumanian immigrants in our city in order to learn the Greek language using the software of this European project “Bila Learn”. This “know how” of learning the Greek language is going to be shown in our workshop using the teaching method of showing. It is an innovative teaching method and it motivates our Educating Learners.

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