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European Project Grundtvig, Learning Partnerships “Reactivating Senior Citizens and Youngsters in Society” “ReAge” 5th Transnational Meeting, 04-07/06/2014, Hague, Holland

Achaia Institute Of Adult Education from Patras, Greece coordinates the European Grundtvig program, educational partnerships, ‘’ Reactivating Senior Citizens and Youngsters in Society’’, ‘’ReAge’’( .

Program’s coordinator is Sandy Vamvaka Christodoulopoulou, Director of the Institute, experienced coordinator in the European projects field, English literature professor. In this program, European partners and adult education organizations are participating such as: England (OAKE Associates), Romania (ASOCIATIA REPERE – FILIALA B ACAU), Holland( Landelijk Expertise – en InformatiecentrumDuualOnderwijs), Slovenia( LJUDSKA UNIVERZA TRZIC) and Poland (Centrum WspieraniaEducacji I Przedsiebiorczosci).

The aim of this program is the active participation of senior citizens ( +50), in collaboration with the youngsters, in order the two generations to interact, learn from each other, exchanging experiences, and also promoting the intergenerational learning. This program also aims in creating new chances of learning and educating the youngsters and senior citizens, giving them the opportunity of constant refreshment of their basic skills, promoting, in this way, the solidarity between the two generations. Intergenerational learning, through the two different generations’ involvement, gives a clear advantage at the two generations and people in general.

The objectives of this collaboration is to empower creativity in lifelong learning, involving two generations, with the participation of senior citizens above 50 years old, in art, like creators and active protagonists, using different activities ( art: traditional dances and singing, foreign languages, memory boxes, learning making traditional desserts &  knitting for the Youngsters, book reading club, English language learning for the Senior Adults). Moreover, this  collaboration could be the motive for the seniors for learning, obtaining new skills, new qualifications, abilities and knowledge. The youngers, on the other hand, would recompense the older by helping them obtain modern communication skills with the use of New Technology,(internet use, Facebook and Skype), via European collaboration.

Among the most important activities, we point out the creation of the memory boxes, that  formed a moving exhibition, travelling through the partner-countries. The boxes were just the trigger for the seniors to unroll their lifetime stories and encourage them to share their own experiences.

The impact: mutual activation that leads into bridging the generation gap.

The Results – products: website, leaflet, moving exhibition with memory boxes and in addition, creating group page in Facebook. Coordinator of the program is Sandy Vamvaka- Christodoulopoulou, director of the Institute, coordinator of European Projects, who coordinated the 5th Transnational Meeting of the program from 04-07 June 2014 in Hague, Holland.

During the meeting, the representatives from England, Romania, Holland, Poland,Greece and Slovenia, presented their actions according to the program’s context. The final report was also discussed, the final deliverable products such as the dissemination of the project. The whole program was, as well, presented in the conference that was organized by the University of Hague, in the Applied Sciences department, by the Hollander partner, Hans Daale, who is a university professor.

In this international conference, Sandy Vamvaka- Christodoulopoulou as a coordinator of the program, presented the European Project ReAge and how this promotes intergenerational learning. The Greek presence was completed with Mrs Dimitra Alexiou’s speech, that was entitled ‘’ Youngsters unemployment in Greece’’.

Active participation in the meeting was seen in other  working group members, as well, Mrs Daphne Fasoulka, Mr Nikos Dempelis and memebers of the Institute such as Mrs Georgia Markatou.


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