Posted by: achaiainstitute | November 20, 2015

Erasmus+ Youth training course: “Art Power to Youth workers” in Klaffer Austria, 24-30/10/2015

The Achaia Adult Education Institute participated in the Erasmus+ Youth training course in Klaffer Austria. This training course with the theme “Art Power to Youth workers” is organized by Muhlfunviertel Kinderfeunde Organisation in Klaffer from 24-30/10/2015.There were 24 participants coming from 7 countries:  Italy, Greece, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Servia, Romania and Lithuania.

From our Institute the participants were: Kyriakoula Christodoulopoulou – Vamvaka , our Chairwoman, Evanthia Stivanaki University theatre Professor  in the University of Athens and Panagiotis Boutris, University student and volunteer.

There was field discussion, dialogue, workshops and group work about how Art can fight against the Poverty in Youth and how e can find tools to prevent Poverty for youngsters.  During this training week we were divided into three groups: 1) Art group 2) Media group and 3) Theatre group with the direction of Mrs Evanthia Stivanaki.

The three groups created a final product – result:

  • The Art group created a painting, “Art et Povery”.
  • The media group created a film about the whole training course and
  • The Theatre group played a part of the tragedy ‘Antigony” of Sophocles under the direction of Stivanaki in the museum of senses in Rohrbah, Upper Austria.

We obtained and gained knowledge and a lot of skills: Personal skills; self esteem, self – confidence, emotional skills

Social skills: cultural awareness and expression, Linguistic skills, getting to know new friends – new contacts.

Professional skills: practical skills – organizing, planning, IT tools, learning to learn.

We have built new contacts and partnerships for future projects.

We were hosted in the green and lovely premises of Muhlfunviertel Kinderfreunde in Klaffer, Austria, where we had lovely local meals and not only, outdoor activities and intercultural evenings and events.  There we all enjoyed and had an unforgettable training course, which was useful and interesting, because it gave us new ideas and thoughts for future projects and cooperation. We are steady partners with Klaffer Muhlfunviertel Kinderfreunde for years and we do support their activities and projects, we also do thank them very much for this learning experience they offer to our Institute.

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