Posted by: achaiainstitute | September 16, 2016

Erasmus + Youth exchange project: ‘Respect changemakers’ in Italy from 18-26/7/2016. Six wonderful Achaia volunteers participated in the Erasmus+ Youth exchnage project!!!!

A very interesting and innovative Erasmus + youth exchange project took place in San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy, in which six Greek volunteers from Achaia Adult education institute, NGO from Patras participated. They were Maria Papaioannou, Ioanna Mitropoulou, Athanasia Papaioannou,Malvina Papadaki, Orestis Maraziotis, Aggelos Giannopoulos, all University students.

The project aimed to enhance and develop to youngsters respect about different issues in life: respect in education, respect in religion, respect socially excluded people, respect to each other. In order to achieve the objectives of the project 30 youngsters participated in La Casa per Ferie in San Benedetto del Tronto from 18-27/7/2016 from 5 countries(Italy,Greece,Belgium,Lithuania and Romania).Coordinator of the project was Alceste Aubert,project manager Erasmus+ from Italy, while the Greek coordinator is Sandy Vamvaka from Patras.
‘It was an unforgettable experience, full of vivid memories, colours and new friendships. The theme of the project ‘Respect Changemakers’ is always interesting for people who coexist with different cultures. Youngsters from different countries with different cultures managed to overcome stereotypes and find a common point of communication.’ Αγγελος Γιαννοπουλος(Αggelos Giannopoulos) & Μαίρη Π. Papaioannou
The project of San Benedetto, Italy was a food for thought subject as far as the theme of respect-diversity is concerned.We created friendships and memories which will be unforgettable.
αθανασία πιa Papaioannou & Orestis Maraziotistis
In San Benedetto del Tronto we had a wonderful time. There we had the chance to live ten amazing days, making friendships with new people from Europe, doing creative activities. New places of central Italy were discovered by us. Malvina Papadaki.

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