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Erasmus+ youth exhange project!!! Beauty of youngsters in Klaffer Austria: “At home or on a world scale: education for peace!”, from 25.06-11.07.2016.

This year’s program Erasmus +, youth exchange 2016 in Klaffer of Austria was a life experience. The organization of the program was great and the main theme ‘PEACE’ between people, verified. Also, the activities that were organized and the thought of presenting a different country was exceptional. Although children were from different countries with different views and different cultures seemed to be united and became one showing equality and peace between countries and people. The idea of SEC (school ending camp) did the participants to work together to meet their needs and create activities likely to entertain younger kids of the camping. Finally, the project’s organizers, among them Tina and Sarah, were very cooperative and, despite any daily problems, responded with responsibility, patience and positive attitude. Μanolis Papaioannou.

This experince I had in Klaffer and latter in Mauthaussen is one that I hope to live again. Through this project I was able to learn a lot of things and to remember others which I had forgoten. First of all I learned how to cooperate better with other people and communicating with them. Secondly I learned about other cultures while having at the same time the opportunity to discuss about major problems of our era such as peace and the refugee crisis. Last and most important, is the fact that I formed bonds of friendship which I hope will last for a long time…Varelides Konstantinos.

As far as the youth exchange is concerned, it was one of my best experiences that I ever had. To begin with, I met new children from other countries and their cultures. Also we had conversations about important issues such as about peace and refugees and we saw them from different perspective in order to find a solution. Last but not least, we enjoyed ourselves and we saw how the others have fun. All in all, it was a very good experience and the children had a lot of fun. Kaoukis Konstantinos

The days I spent in the programme were maybe the most constructive and still entertaining days of my life. I met teenagers from many European countries and I have learned about the culture of each country. Moreover, we discussed about many topics related to peace and refugees. Even during the free time we were interested in how life is in other countries and discussed about each countries educational systems, religious and political topics. Additionally, we did many outdoor activities through which we learned how to cooperate and work as a team. As far as free time is concerned, it was enough to have fun, relax and meet each other better. The programme was perfect and if I had the chance I would participate without second thought. Viron – Τheodoros Ziabaras

This trip was the best experience for me. First of all I met new friends and also I made strong friendships. This place on klafer was so peaceful that made me different as a person. The camp is organized with the best way so it’s good for all the participant’s to stay there. Finally, my English improved. I wish I will have the opportunity to meet this place again. It was the best experience of my whole life. George Brakatselos

As regards the program in Austria in Klafer I would like to say that i had a lot of fun and i made new friends, i learned a lot about them and their countries, their habits. Ι also really liked the landscapes and particularly the lakes.Even I like round workshops of Peace and the games we played. And i would like to say that if have this opportunity again to go there i will go. Iasonas Maraziotis

I had a great time in Κlaffer . It was a wonderful experience and I really want to go again next year. I loved the activities in the camp, especially the conversations about peace with participants from other countries .My horizons were enriched and I am very grateful. I personally believe that the project was successful as it’s goal was accomplished (we acquired valuable knowledge about peace). I believe that I became more perfect as a human being and that my knowledge and the experiences that I got will be useful in my future life. Κakkou Konstantina

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