Posted by: achaiainstitute | February 15, 2017

Youth exchanges in Klaffer Austria: “CONNECTING HUMAN RIGHTS” New year 2017 with the Erasmus+ Youth project

In snowy and  picturesque Klaffer, Hochficht in upper Austria 5 young volunteers and 1 leader from Achaia Adult Education Institute, from Patras, GR, participated in Erasmus+  Youth Project  ‘Connecting Human Rights’ from 27/12/2016 to 07/01/2017. There they had the chance to meet , cooperate, exchange and share  ideas with other European youngsters from Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and Poland. The Youth Exchange was interesting and fruitful as it is shown in the following evaluation.

Kaoukis Dimitris (Leader):

My participation in this project gave me the opportunity to gain important experiences. First of all I realized that the participants from the other countries are quite aware and informed on human rights and their application both to immigrants and refugees. After, I saw that they respect their fellow human beings irrespective of their origin, their religion and their culture and try to help those they are in need, whether they are immigrants or refugees, despite all the social and economic problems that exist. It also gave me great joy my acquaintance with people from other European Union countries who, as I believe, they feel that they are citizens of a united Europe. Finally, it was nice experience that I lived, albeit briefly, in the beautiful landscapes of upper Austria, their lifestyle and their culture!

Kaoukis Konstantinos:

This project was a very special experience. We had discussions with the children from other countries for important issues, such as for refugees and human rights. We changed our opinions and our ideas and we shared our culture with them, as they did with us. Of course there were also a lot of moments of fun with them. All in all, all this was something that I really would never forget!

Kaoukis Giorgos:

This project was an unforgettable experience. I made new friends and we talked about the problems that there are because of immigrants and refugees. We did several activities that helped us to better know each other with the other children. The activities we did were very fun and interesting. I liked a lot this place and I would like to find myself again there!

Varelidis Konstantinos:

The programme was simply perfect. Through games and study groups we managed to understand more difficult topics such as prejudices, stereotypes, human rights and the refugee crisis. Of course, I had the opportunity to meet new people I will never forget, who taught me things about their culture and told me things about them. Generally, it was a unique experience that will stay forever in my mind. It was so perfect that no suitable words exist to describe it in the way it deserves.

Antigoni Siaterli:

Participating in the Erasmus+ ”Connect for Human Rights” program which took place in Klaffer, Upper Austria  was one of the most powerful experiences in my life. 12 days full of beautiful scenes that will stay forever  in my mind as memories, smiles, knowledge, fun and acquaintances that turned to become long life friendships. The energy that I was receiving everyday because of the 44 different Good mornings that I was hearing cannot be described. A remarkable part was the excellent organization of the project and the use of the non-formal education during every activity so that every participant could get familiar and get to know more about the Human Rights in combination with the refugee phenomenon. I would like to thank the Achaia Adult Education Institute for giving me the opportunity to live this amazing experience.

Ivi Toumasi:

A really different journey, a project to remember. Spending New Years Eve at frozen Klaffer together with 46 wonderful people from Europe, Asia and Africa makes really hard to forget this experience. During this project I learnt a lot about migration, refugees, inequality of opportunities and human rights through interactive and experiential workshops. I lived and collaborated with people of different age, nationality, religion and beliefs having as goal to share ideas and become better while respecting each other.

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