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Erasmus+ KA2 VETIVER 2nd Transnational Meeting in Bideford, UK

Erasmus+ KA2 VETIVER project

2nd Transnational Meeting in Bideford, UK

In the frame of the European program Erasmus+ KA2  VETIVER “VET Itineraries with a Variety of open Educational Resources enhanced by a multilingual repository”, in which actively participates the Achaia Adult Education Institute Patras, the second project meeting held in Bideford, Devon, England on 7-9 February 2017. The coordinator of European programs and CEO of the Institute, Sandy Vamvaka and by the working group,  Fanouria Athanasiou, student of the Polytechic University of Patras.  Coordinator of the program is the ‘SZÁMALK-Salesian, school’ from Budapest Hungary. Project partners are the Spanish organization ‘Fundacion Siglo 22’, the British company ‘Torridge Training Consultants’, the Technical school ‘Mesleki ve Teknik Andadolu Lisesi’, from Afionkarachisar, Turkey and the Achaia Adult Education Institute, from Greece.

Professional technical education teachers, students from the University of Patras and students from technical schools take part in this project, on behalf of the Greek partner.

This program aims to create a multilingual repository of specialties, enriched with open educational resources, creating an innovative and effective learning experience for VET students. The open educational resources, will be available online  with a specific taxonomy, based on a technical-vocational education criteria.

We want to spread a repository in technical – vocational schools (EPAL) and  in the five countries participating in the program. A repository can be a really good educational tool for accessing to educational resources, without excluding anyone. Our program also wants to investigate on how we will incorporate such a similar repository, on the Moodle platform, used in many technical – vocational schools.

    Target group: students and youngsters who attend technical – vocational education and training education, even people 14- 16 years of age, who are not employed or attending an education or training,  also disadvantaged students and even adult students.

In this meeting the Thesaurus was presented by the coordinator and the partners  on 5 program languages (English, Greek, Spanish, Hungarian and Turkish) and uploaded on . We also discussed the creation of 8-10 educational resources (OER) and presented some of them by the partners. The Greek Institute has undertaken the creation of educational resources in the course of English. Also a training of ten teachers (two teachers per partner) was discussed in Spain, on the use of Moodle platform, Mahara and on the use of e-Portfolio on February 2017.

This program lasts for two years (2016-2018) and wants to be an object of use, so that many students and teachers of Technical – Vocational education schools have access it. Also students 16+, who attend further education and training (IEK, adult education, e.t.c.) can use the repository, in order to be known and useful tool in the learning process.

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