Posted by: achaiainstitute | April 19, 2017

Spring Youth exchange in Klaffer, Austria

Achaia Adult Education Institute participated in the training course in Klaffer Austria “Solidarity-a fundamental human principle and European value” from 25.3. (arrival day) -01.04.17  (departure day) with four volunteers. Here is the evaluation from them:

Philip Pelekoudas – Oikonomou:

I participated in this interesting project as a leader. It was a unique experience for me , because I experienced various and different knowledge about solidarity. I also got a lot of skills, very useful for my life.

Kimonas Konstantopoulos:

The project in Austria was a fantastic experience, a truly life-changing event that I’m sure every participant will remember for life. We had very meaningful conversations, we met different cultures and learned their way of thinking. On the negative side the schedule was a bit strange for us but on the whole I would love to participate in a project like this!

Malvina Papadaki:

This was the second time I have been in Klaffer, Austria as I fell in love with this place two years ago. This time the experience was even better, with a project full of interesting activities, art, theatre and thinking. All the people I met were wonderful and I had once again the chance to realize how little our differences with other European countries are. Klaffer is my own little paradise and I am willing to visit it many more times!!!

Christina Marinopoulou:

Klaffer is a wonderful place. I came in contact with nature, and the entire landscape helped me to calm down. The topics of the project concerned me a lot and through the project I solved many of my questions on them. The project became interactively, so it was experiential.  I learned useful things and developed many skills. I met very interesting people from other countries of Europe and I had a little contact with their cultures. It was a week I will never forget.


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