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Erasmus + KA1 Project Training Course “Employouth: Youth Workers for Young People Empowerment” Larnaca, Cyprus 22-29/7/2017

The Greek delegation of the NGO, Achaia Adult Education Institute,
consisting of 2 students from Achaia Prefecture and one more student participated in
the Training Course “Employouth: Youth Workers for Young People Empowerment”.
This Training Course was implemented in the frame of the European Erasmus+ KA1
The Training Course took place in Larnaca, Cyprus during 22-29 July 2017
and 23 youth workers from 9 European countries participated in this Project. More
specifically, the youth workers were coming from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania and Portugal. This Training Course
gave the youngsters the opportunity to empower their knowledge about youth
unemployment in European Union and gain useful skills for searching for a job.
The youth workers used non-formal education methods to discover different
European cultures, shared their views and opinions on the subject of unemployment in
each European country and realized how important issue is for the European Union.
In addition, they had the chance to simulate an interview and enhance their skills that
are required in order to be more “attractive” for the labour market. Moreover, the
youth workers set up their innovative start-up companies through a simulation activity
and the speeches of famous and successful Cypriot employed people inspired the
youngsters so as to follow their dreams and goals. Finally, the youth workers
developed European Projects for crucial issues of European Union that they may be
developed further for implementation in different European countries.
The impressions about the Training Course of the Achaia students follow:
One of the best European Erasmus+ Projects I have taken part in. The Cypriot
coordinators were very hospitable, the Training Course well-organised, the subject of
the Project more crucial than ever and the skills that I gained very useful for my future
job. The company of the youth workers from the other European countries and the
perfect seaside venue of the Training Course contributed to a very pleasant week in

Lykouras Michail

The Training Course gave me the opportunity to get to know new young people from
different European countries, their culture, to discover the beautiful island of Cyprus
and the history of the island and to learn more about the youth unemployment in other
European countries. I also developed useful skills during the Training Course that will
be very important while searching for a job.

Spyropoulou Tatiani

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