Posted by: achaiainstitute | August 23, 2017

Greek Achaia 9 volunteers from Achaia Adult Education Institute participated in the Erasmus+ Youth exchange in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

The project “Make a step forward” at στο San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy was my first contact with Erasmus+ programs and was indeed an unforgettable experience that could motivate you to make not one but a lot of steps forward. The city itself although it was based on tourism it managed not to lose the magic of a seaside Italian town that under its lights and inside its beaches we formed a team capable of leaving the experiences that the program has prepared for us. We found our differences and our similarities and finally words like “cultural exchange” got a meaning in our minds. It was a defining and unrepeatable experience that I would certainly attempt to repeat. ZisisTramparis

Travelling abroad is an experience! Visiting Italy is magical! My participation at the “Make a step forward” project at San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy was a magical lifetime experience! Friendship, happy moments, gaining knowledge and the Italian atmosphere managed to change my way of thinking and made me want even more of this kind of experiences!!! To all those you haven’t participated yet to an Erasmus+ programme I strongly advice that you do it, as soon as possible! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories!   RoxaniAntoniadou

The Erasmus + youth exchange program in San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy, proved to be more than a lifetime experience for me. I started off for a 10-day trip, having already set my pace of expectations very high. However, what I obtained from this project “surpassed” all expectations. I have learned in depth cultures of many different countries and appreciated how these people think and perceive about whole world. I collaborated and developed my altruistic spirit with people who seemed so different in appearance but we were so much the same. I have gained through the workshops a wealth of knowledge about Europe, discrimination and the various languages, all in an environment that encourages the participation of all. Finally, I met the neighboring country Italy and I just loved it.
I thank Mrs Sandy for the opportunity she offered me.  Angelakopoulos Christos

The experience of the project was unique. It was an amazing opportunity to learn new cultures, meet people and make life long relationships from around the world. Though it was just 8 days the amount of memories is inconceivable. I wish everyone has a similar experience at least once in their lifetime. Orestis Maraziotis , leader.

The youth exchange named “Make a Step Forward ” that took place in San Benetteto del Tronto in Italy was certainly a unique, and at the same time , an unforgettable experience as i participated in such a programm for the first time !   The moments and the experiences i gained from this program were exciting as well as a trigger to continue participating in other programm! The activities , the games , the  laughter , the companionships have contributed to creating a wonderful atmosphere! Personally , the interaction with the other participants from the other countries was something unique  and especially the most important as you see the facts from a different point of view! I feel very lucky that i have lived this experience and i hope also for the next time. Rigopoulou Katerina

The project in San Benedetto was a great experience for me for many reasons I had the chance to meet people from a lots of different countries and apart from that to learn their own mentality, their behaviour in different situations and their customs! The place also was wonderful and for all these reasons I would like to take part in a project like this again in the near future!   ApostolosVerganelakis

My first time participating in a european project , was extraordinary . I met new people there , new cultures but the most important was that i made new friends. The city of san benedetto was amazing , and we has so much fun with the italalians . i would definitely participate again in a project like that ! George Verganelakis

The 9 days we spent in San Benetteto will always be in my mind. Not only for the beautiful moments but also for what I learnt. We communicated, exchanged experiences and realized the similarities among people from different places. We succeeded a huge step forward with trust, support and understanding. Golfinopoulou Maria


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