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Youth Exchange about unemployment “YouthEm”, Erasmus+ KA1, Selianitika, Greece, 22-29 September 2017

Achaia Adult Education Institute located in Patras, Greece, implemented the European project Erasmus+ KA1, Youth Exchange “YouthEm: Empowering Youth Employability” at Selianitika, Achaea, Greece from 22-29 September 2017.

41 youngsters from Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, Lithuania and Italy, which are countries with high youth unemployment rates participated in YouthEm. Totally, 41 youngsters from the 7 European countries took part in this Youth Exchange. The topic of this project was Youth Unemployment in Europe, while the main aim was to empower youth with skills and competencies useful for them in job searching and in increasing their employability. The youngsters enhanced these skills through non-formal learning education and through workshops and activities related to art.

More specifically, the youngsters had the opportunity to get informed about the unemployment issue in the European countries participating in the project, as well as about actions from the state and NGOs for increasing the employability of young people. In addition, the participants and the leaders discovered through methods of non formal learning: peer learning and group discussion the skills required for a young person in order to get employed. Moreover, the youth wrote their own CV using the European Union’s template, Europass CV. The job interview simulation that followed impressed everyone, as it was the first time in their life for most youngsters being interviewed. Furthermore, the initiative and the innovative ideas of the young participants was shown on their entrepreneurial ideas, as they founded their own imaginative start-up companies and then they tried to promote, advertise and sell the products and the services of their companies in a very persuasive way.

An unforgettable moment of the Youth Exchange was the trip to the city of Patras on 26/09/2017. The youngsters had the opportunity to guide themselves in the Archaeological Museum of Patras and got to know the ancient Greek culture. Afterwards, known local entrepreneurs had a round table discussion with the youngsters and inspired them in order to focus on their dreams, their goals and their career. This round table discussion with the local enterpreneurs took place in the Commercial Chamber of Achaia and a light lunch was offered by the company LOUX Marlafekas ABEE. Afterwards, the youngsters interacted with some businessmen in Patras in the rally activity and learned about their visions, their dreams and the pleasant moments of their jobs, as well as the problems and the difficulties that they face. The end of the day was magnificent as Mr Zacharopoulos’ company Arkhon Panel AE offered dinner by the coastline in the picturesque village of Psathopyrgos, Achaia.

In addition on 27/09/2017, a memorial event was organised, devoted to Nikos Karapanos who was a volunteer in Achaia Adult Education Institute and has contributed in the development of this Project. Nikos Karapanos was killed when a drunk driver crashed him by his car on 14th November 2015 in Iroon Polytechniou Street in Patras. In this memorial event it was emphasized to the young people how important it is to follow the safety driving rules and that they must never drive if they have consumed alcohol.

However, the best moment of this Youth Exchange was the presentation of the four workshops about the street art performances, including theatre, music, painting and IT workshops, which were prepared during the whole week of the Exchange. The topic of all workshops on 28/09/2017 was “How do you imagine your job in 30 years?”. The youngsters used their imagination and their innovation so as to present marvelous artifacts in all four workshops and everyone was impressed by the results.

And as the Youth Exchange has come to the end, all the participants of the YouthEm Project agreed that they lived unforgettable moments and they were very pleased by the Greek hospitality and the Greek culture, by the experiences, knowledge gained from this project, by the skills and competencies acquired and the new friends that they had met . Everyone wished to meet again in the near future in another Erasmus+ Project and to spend again such a wonderful time! It was a very successful youth exchange in Selianitika, admitted by all participants, in their evaluation forms they wrote and from their farewell moments.

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