Posted by: achaiainstitute | November 20, 2017

3 Achaia Greek volunteers in Klaffer, Austria

3 Greek volunteers from Achaia Adult Education Institute participated in the European project Erasmus+ KA1, Youth, Training course with the title “Performing social media” in Klaffer am Hochficht, Austria. Here are the impressions of the participants.

Angelakopoulos Christos:

The project “Performing social media” at Klaffer am Hochficht in Austria was a unique and incredible Erasmus+ experience for me. I found 25 more participants from different countries and I had one of the most unforgettable weeks of my whole life. I fell in love with the landscape and I am sure I will never be able to forget it, Austrian nature is something that anyone can imagine. The usage of english was obligatory in this training course and I absolutely improved my english Concerning the topic, I learned about the influence of social media in many aspects of our daily life and how we could gain benefit from these through improvisational theatre activities.Also I would really like to thank miss Sandy for the chance she gave me to accomplish this incredible experience.

Zangos Christos:

My participation at this specific project played a very important role in my personal development. First of all I had the opportunity to improve my English skills because we used the English language all the time in order to communicate. In addition through workshops I improved my skills on theater and improvisation while at the same time I understood in a better way the influence of social media in our modern society. Furthermore I had the opportunity to meet many interesting people, learn about their countries and cultures and make a lot of new friends which is the most important thing to me. In conclusion I would like to say that I gained a lot of great experience from this project and I would be glad to participate in more projects like this at the future.

Anastasopoulou Elisabeth:

This project was great. I learned theories of communication and of presentation, elements of a performance, explored parallels and differences between a performance on a stage and on internet, established a performance of a stage as well as on a social-media-platform, spoked about the risks of a performance on social media (cyber-bulling) and how to support children/ adolescents on their way of bullying. The main contents and activities of the project were physical and improvisation theatre and self- performance on a stage. I improved my skills in English language while communicating with the rest of the partisipants, I learned to be creative while working in a team, I learned to inspire others and to accept everyone, I shared interest in people with different culture or nationality, I learned to turn ideas into actions and to appreciate and respect the cultures of the participating countries and be more aware of the culture of my own country. It was a wonderful experience.

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