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Advance Planning Visit (APV) for the Youth Exchange, Erasmus+ Project, KA1 Action, “Connecting Youth through Art”: YouthArt, 16-18/03/2017 Patras & Ancient Olympia, Greece

Youth and Art! The European Project Erasmus+, KA1 Action, Youth Exchange, “ Connecting Youth through Art”: YouthArt, 16-18/03/2017 implementing in Patras & Ancient Olympia, Greece offers ideas, thoughts and suggestions under European view.
Achaia Adult Education Institute, an NGO from Patras, implemented during 16-18/03/2018 in Patras and Ancient Olympia, Elias, Western Greece the Advance Planning Visit (APV) for the Erasmus+, KA1, Youth Exchange, “Connecting Youth through Art”, “YouthArt”.
More specifically, youngsters from Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Tunisia, and Italy, are participating in “YouthArt” Project. During the APV one leader from each partner-country took part in this transnational meeting.
The topic of the Project to promote the participation of the youth through art so as to Connect Youth through Art and the aim of the Youth Exchange is to motivate youth in art, theatre and culture workshops and activities, increasing their art and social skills and enhancing their culture awareness and expression. These skills will be enhanced through non-formal education activities and workshops that are related to art.

Because Art is the creative expression of the mankind with masterpieces in the frame of the rules of beauty, aiming at the emotion of feelings, aesthetics, pleasure and euphoria. Art is the cultural identity of each nation and characterizes its civilization. Art connects people as it has no limits and speaks a universal language; so different people with different cultural background come in contact. Art helps young people express themselves and their talents, develop their critical spirit, cultivate perception, imagination, and creativity and being initiative, broaden spiritual horizons, strengthen their attention span as they focus on artistic work.

The APV meeting main aim is:
• to get to know with the other partner organisations.
• To get familiarized with the aims, objectives and main ideas of the project.
• To organize all organizational staff required for the Youth Exchange.
• To set and sign the rules for the Youth Exchange.
• To plan the activities of the Youth Exchange.
• To prepare the street art performances of the Youth Exchange.
• To get informed about the dissemination of the project.

The leaders of each partner-country had the opportunity during the APV to get informed for the main aim and the objectives of the Youth Exchange that will be held in Ancient Olympia, West Greece, on 16-18/03/2018, for the timetable of the Youth Exchange as well as for the organizational matters of the upcoming Youth Exchange so that the youngsters-participants will be well-prepared for it.

The leaders of each partner-country together with the leaders of the coordinators discussed about the activities of the Youth Exchange, they set the rules of the Youth Exchange and found solution in a number of problems that may occur during the implementation of the Youth Exchange. The participants of the APV were Michail Lykouras, Sandy Vamvaka- Christodoulopoulou, Niki Karoulla, Intissar Ali, Michaela Zabava, Gaia Piras , Krisztina Juhasz, Maja Fesnak ,and some volunteers of our NGO, Filippos Oikonomou- Pelekoudas, Ilias Theodoropoulos, Tatiani Spyropoulou,Georgia Papaioanou and Kimon Konstandopoulos visited Ancient Olympia, West Greece.

They had the opportunity to check the venue in which the Youth Exchange will be implemented and the place where the youngsters from the 7 European countries will stay for one week. Everyone appreciated not only the place but also the food that the youngsters will taste during the Youth Exchange in June 2018. All the leaders and the volunteers of our NGO were also very satisfied from the quality of the food and of the APV meeting.
As the second day went by, the leaders of each partner-country gave their promise to meet again on 2nd June 018 in Ancient Olympia, Elias, Western Greece, for the implementation of the Youth Exchange “YouthArt” in the frame of KA1 Action, Erasmus+ Project, Youth.

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