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Olympic Idea inspires our young people Erasmus + KA1 “Connecting Youth through Art” (2-9 / 6/2018)

The Achaia Adult Education Institute, NGO in Patras, implemented the European Youth Program Erasmus + KA1, “Connecting Youth through Art” (2017-2-EL02-KA105-003233) within the framework of the European Program Erasmus + KA1 Youth from 02/06 -09/06/2018 in Ancient Olympia. 38 young people aged 18-26 from Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Tunisia and Hungary participated in this European program Erasmus + KA1 on the promotion of active participation of young people through art in the idyllic environment of ancient Olympia where the Olympic ideal and the ancient saying of fair play inspired young people to acquire knowledge and skills through non-formal learning and art-related activities.

This project highlighted the core competencies of young people, strengthened and cultivated their core skills through non-formal learning activities, strengthened young people’s self-confidence so as to actively participate in groups, to express their views on art. Through this project personal development of young people is achieved, improving social, interpersonal and artistic skills and perspectives, enhancing their sociability as well as being an active European citizen.

The main objectives of the program are:

• Promoting, improving, cultivating the core competencies and skills of participating young people, particularly those with fewer opportunities under the European Qualifications Framework.

• The participation of our young people in interactive workshops and even in a street theater in a central spot in Ancient Olympia with the subject: “KALLIPATERA”.

• Promoting youth participation in the democratic life of Europe.

• Enhancing the status of active European citizenship and the feeling of “belonging” to European affairs.

• The ability to learn new cultures, to participate in intercultural dialogue, so as to avoid the social isolation of young people. Our young people have developed intercultural skills, competencies and cultural consciousness since they have come into contact with and interact with peers from other European Union countries to live in a multicultural society with social cohesion without discrimination and prejudice.

• The development of cultural awakening on the part of young people, communication skills and team spirit.

• The exchange of know-how, experiences and examples of good practice and the creation of friendships among them as well as future collaborations.

During the eight-day program in Ancient Olympia, young people had the opportunity to participate in four interactive art workshops: painting, theater, music and photography. Each day was devoted to one of these arts and, through their participation in intercultural groups, enhanced their communication skills in English.

On the first day of the program (June 2, 2018), young people arrived from the seven different countries in Ancient Olympia with various expectations from the program. After acquainting young people on the second day (June 3, 2018), painting activities took place to enhance young people’s self-confidence and participation, such as studying their personality through painting, as well as painting the ideal part of their stay of young people as a whole.

On the third day (June 4, 2018), instructors for each of the four arts (painting, dance, theater, photography) attended the workshops of young people, helping them to implement the workshops in their entirety. The young people had the chance to learn secrets of each art, which helped them in the final presentation of the four workshops. At the same time, this day was dedicated to the theater, so activities related to theatrical play and role playing took place.

Also, it was decided to present the theatrical work “Kallipateira in the light of Olympia” by Evanthia Stivanaki in Greek language, with mixed youth groups from all countries. An important moment of the Youth Exchange was the visit to the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia on June 5, 2018. The young people had the opportunity to tour the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia and the Archaeological site, interacting with the Greek youth participants to lead each group and transmit the ancient Greek culture, and competed in a 100 meters match at the Ancient Olympia stadium, with the winner receiving the traditional olive wreath as a prize.

On June 6, 2018, the day dedicated to the art of music, with corresponding activity taking place in the afternoon, followed. In the morning, a cultural visit was held in Katakolo, Ilia, as well as a visit to the Panagiotopoulos ceramic masonry in Duneika Ilia, a business example for young people of how the cooperation of the people can lead to amazing results, while the hospitality of Mr. Kostas Panagiotopoulos, who offered a traditional Greek meal to the young people, remained unforgettable to everyone.

On the sixth day (7 June 2018) the day was dedicated to photography. The young people distributed to residents, shops and institutions of Ancient Olympia invitations they themselves designed for the presentation of the results of the workshops, as well as posters for the theatrical performance. Also during this day, they had the opportunity to discuss in intercultural groups the value of art and how any art can influence them. Among the activities carried out in the framework of the program in Ancient Olympia are the four transnational workshops: Painting, Photography-Multimedia, Music-Dance and Theater, which took place every afternoon and throughout the last day. Participants participated in working groups of young people from each country in interactive workshops with the active participation of young people using non-formal learning methodology such as: workshops, acquaintances and communication exercises, role playing games, street art theater, , exercises and activities in nature, learning through experience and mainly through peer-learning (group learning), group work, sports activities, cultural visits to museums, designed and prepared even entirely by the young people themselves before the exchange.

The culmination of this Youth Exchange was the presentation of the four workshops in the local society of Ancient Olympia on June 08, 2018 at 20.30, outside the Ancient Olympia railway station. In this neoclassical building, a work by the German Ernest Ziller, our youngsters presented the theatrical performance, “Kallipateira, in the light of Olympia”, with great success. The music and dance workshop presented three Greek traditional dances (Zonaradikos, Kalamatianos, Syrtaki), while the painting and photography workshops presented two exhibitions of paintings and photographs exhibiting the team spirit of the youth during all these 8 wonderful days in Ancient Olympia. Young people with their imagination and their inventiveness presented amazing works in all areas of art with excellent results. The theme of all four workshops was “Work together, build together, change together”. The event was attended by deputy mayors, local entities and citizens of Ancient Olympia.

The sponsors of the program were Marlafekas LOUX SA and Panagiotopoulos Pottery in Duneika Ilia, as well as OLYMPIC VILLAGE Resort & Spa in Ancient Olympia where the young people stayed and who warmly thanked the young people and all the participants of this youth exchange.

The project manager is Mrs. Kyriaki Vamvaka-Christodoulopoulou, teacher, coordinator of European programs and President of the Achaian Institute with the active participation, substantial support and voluntary assistance of an active group of volunteers from the Institute. The Greek volunteers who participated in the youth exchange were: Michael Lykouras, graduate student, University of Patras, Philip Pelekoudas-Oikonomou, student graduate faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Patras,

Kimon Konstantopoulos, student, Zisis-Stylianos Tramparis, student, Katerina Rigopoulou, student, Georgia Papaioannou and Manolis Papaioannou, students

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