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Austrian experience for 7 Greek volunteers of Achaia Adult Education Institute in Erasmus+KA1″Humman Rights Club”.

Austrian Experience in Erasmus+ KA1 project “Humman Rights Club” from 18/008-01/09/2018 in Klaffer, Uper Austia for 7 Greek volunteers from Achaia Adult Education Institute in Patras, Greece!!!!

Then seven Greek volunteers Vasiliki ArgyropoulouDionysia Pelekouda Oikonomou, Γιωργος Καουκης, Κωνσταντινος Καουκης, Connie Kakkou, Marios Kakkos, Semina Mamasoula.

VASILIKI ARGIROPOULOU (Leader): I cannot describe in words my wonderful experience from this project. The scenery in Klaffer with the unique landscape , the endless fields, the huge forests and the beautiful lakes compose a dream for all people. I must admit that the organization of this project by the Austrian Organization in Klaffer was perfect and I must admit that every young person must participate in this Erasmus project! I must thank very much the Greek Organization , Achaia Adult Education Institute, and Mrs Sandy Vamvaka, who gave me the chance to participate in this wonderful project!
KONSTANTINOS KAOUKIS: The whole project was a really important experience. Through this we came closer with other young people from other countries and talked about vital issues that connected to human rights in the whole world. Apart from that, we met the culture of other countries and all together we celebrated and learned the cultures of other countries. All in all it was an amazing experience which I will never forget.
AuMARIOS KAKKOS: Nowadays the European Union is a crossroad of many different cultures and ideas, hence there is no doubt that we must embrace unity and cooperation in order for us to prosper as a whole.This year was my second time participating in a youth exchange program. My overall experience was positive and i think i gained a lot .The topics we were involved were equality, democracy and human rights (main topic)Through not only the workshops and the social media groups , all the participants had the opportunity to get educated, not only informed, in a various of issues regarding the main topics. I personally feel much more educated regarding equality and human rights, and i deem myself informed upon those topicsI also gained a lot of the activities we had during free time , as they were design to promote human interaction and understanding of different cultures. Last but not least the exchange enriched my horizons , helping me develop as a human being ,by socializing with people from all around Europe and forming long lasting friendships.All things considered i think very highly of programs like this because the promote values as equality and the application human rights, values conquered by hard world in the recent past for us to live in flourish and United society.

KONSTANTINA KAKKOU: It was an enlightening and unforgettable experience.We were adequately informed over the topic the human rights, and the situation which prevails in other countries . Furthermore we formed strong bonds with participants from other countries. We learned a lot about their habits, their ideas and their culture at general. Moreover we had the opportunity to refrech our english, to take initiatives and to participate to a plethora of interesting activities .The accommodation and the organization were brilliant. It was an enriching experience and i believe that i took a lot from that project.

GEORGE KAOUKIS: It was an amazing experience. I would really like to be there for one more time. I learned many things about human rights. Also, I made new friends and I learned many things about other countries. At the International night, I learned all people from all countries better and I learned many things about each country’s culture. I would like to be there again, to meet new people, and talk, make many projects and finally to present these to the others.

DIONYSIA PELEKOUDA – OIKONOMOY: In klaffer we had a really great time. We have been given the opportunity to meet some great people from all over Europe. People with different languages, opinions, lifestyles, beliefs. We were able to develop our social skills as well as to improve our English communication skills. It was, overall, a real fun and interesting experience.

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