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Erasmus+ ΚΑ1, Project “Bridges of Solidarity”, Advance Planning Visit (APV) Patras, 5-7 April 2019


Achaiko Instituto Ekpedefsis Enilikon (Achaia Adult Education Institute) implements and organizes the Erasmus+ KA1Project “BridgeS: Bridges of Solidarity”. In the frame of this project, an Advanced Planning Visit (APV) meeting took place in Patras on 5th-7th April 2019.

This project “Bridges of Solidarity” empowers 38 youngsters from 6 different European countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Serbia and Romania) to meet, live, work together under one roof and share experiences about cultural diversity and the migration issue for 9 days in Patras, Greece. This project allows each participant to acquire and develop intercultural competences and skills,in order to live in a society with social inclusion, solidarity, equality, without xenophobia, discrimination and racism.

Nowadays, Europe faces the huge migration wave of the last decade because of the great number of refugees and immigrants who searched for a better life in Europe. The topic of the project is the sensitization of the European youth about the issues those humans are facing and the basic aim is to empower youngsters with solidarity and enhance their competencies of cultural awareness, communication with people of different cultural backgrounds and team-work. These competencies will be cultivated through non-formal learning activities and art-workshops.


Projects’ aim: to gain and enhance new intercultural skills of the participants, developing a deeper understanding about Europe’s cultural diversity nowadays and reinforcing their key competencies through intercultural & art sessions and interactive workshops, in order to empower them for being active European citizens. All young participants aged 18- 28 years old will participate in interactive workshops, with the title: “All the same – all united” in Music – dance workshops, painting, Photography-I.C.T.&Flashmob.

All participants KiriakiVamvaka – Christodoulopoulou, Michael Lykouras, Michaela Zabava, Gloria Dei, YovanaPejoska, Mohammed Ali- Dweik και ο Yavuz Saglam, the 6 leaders and the Greek youngster had the opportunity during the 2-days APV to get informed about the basic aim and the objectives of the Youth Exchange that will take place in Patras, Greece, on 8th-17th July 2019. In addition, they all shared and discussed about the timetable of the Youth Exchange and the organizational matters in order the youngsters to be well-prepared for it.Altogether, the 6 leaders and the youngster from Achaia Adult Education Institute, planned the activities and the workshops that are going to take place during the Youth Exchange.

Moreover, the 6 leaders and the Greek youngster were accommodated in the hotel, where the youngsters will be accommodated during the Youth Exchange in July in the centre of Patras, while they had the opportunity to taste local Greek dishes in picturesque restaurants in the region of Patras and Vrachneika.3 photo

Our volunteers of Achaia Institute Nefeli Terzi, IoannaTrampari,Zisis Stilianos Trambaris, Orestis Maraziotis, Omiros Basdaris, Nick Athanasopoulos, Charis Giannopoulos & Athanasia Papaioannou accompanied our guests and toured them all in our picturesque sights of Patras.

And as the second day went by, all participants fare welled and said goodbye till the upcoming July, as all of them are looking forward to the next step of this Erasmus+ KA1 project“Bridges of Solidarity” in Patras.


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