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Ευρωπαϊκό πρόγραμμα: Erasmus+ KA1. FOllow, Share, Tweet, EmpoweR Youth Skills- FOSTER (2019-1-EL02-KA105-004869).

The Achaia Adult Education Institute organized and implemented the European project Erasmsus +KA1, FOSTER, FOllow, Share, Tweet, EmpoweR Youth Skills- FOSTER (2019-1-EL02-KA105-004869), in Selinanitika Achaias, Western Greece, from 04-12/09/2020.

 “Follow me, like me, share my ideas, tweet” are often everyday words and phrases discussed and said by thousands, maybe million youngsters, not only in Europe, but all over our planet. “Are social Media so important for the youth nowadays that they cannot live without social media? “Can the young people fell in love or know each other without social media”? “Can social media influence and enhance the private & professional life of young people?” The Youth exchange “Follow, Share, Tweet, Empower Youth Skills”, “FOSTER”, project answered to these questions. “FOSTER” was a practical Youth Exchange, aiming at improving the communicative, social, and intercultural skills of the youngsters as well as their digital skills through non-formal learning activities and art workshops. Therefore, our project “FOSTER” gave an opportunity to 43 youngsters from 8 different European countries (Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Romania and Serbia) to live together and share experiences and knowledge about Social Media for 8 days in Selianitika, Achaias, Greece. The participants obtained and developed essential skills and competencies, by using social media and by participating in digital art workshops; these skills and competences are useful and necessary for their personal, social and professional life and career. This could include enhancing the potential of seeking of employment or breaking down the barriers of NEET (Not in Employment Education or Training).

The aim of this project was to enhance young people’s communicative, social, digital skills and competencies, useful in the youngsters΄ future personal and professional development, through the proper use of social media via non-formal learning activities and Art workshops.

The project’s objectives were to:

• motivate youth in social media, art and technology workshops and activities, increasing their personal, social and professional skills.

• foster the youngsters on the proper use of the most widespread social media and teach them how to avoid the dangers of their use.

• empower and raise the skills of the participants by training them on the global social media, bringing them together from different European countries, promoting their social, communication skills and team spirit.

Three virtual APV meetings took place via Skype on 29.03.20, 28.06.2020 and 30.07.2020, in which the group leaders from each partner and the facilitators met together online and exchanged ideas and experiences, so that the Youth Exchange would run softy and be well-prepared.

Youth exchange: Ice-breaking activities & team-building activities, energizers, digital activities, discussions- advice with digital experts, Tweet Hidden games during our visit in the Archeological Museum of Patras, Art workshops, outdoor activities and games, games – role-playing on social media interactive activities, intercultural nights and art workshops. All the activities included the youngsters’ active participation during the preparation, implementation, reflection, evaluation, dissemination and follow-up of the Project, during the whole implementation of the project. All the activities and workshops of the Youth Exchange were planned in such a way that empowered youth with the 8 key competences that Erasmus+ Projects aim to foster.

The young participants that participated in the Youth Exchange come from 8 countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, Sweden, Serbia and Romania) and were between 18 – 30 years old. This age selection of the participants was because we needed mature young people who could develop a self guidance in order to obtain key competences, digital and art skills to confront life. They were 43 participants altogether; that is, 4 participants +1 leader without age limit = 5 persons from 7 partners, and from Greece 6 participants and 2 leaders–facilitators.

Expected results of the project:

• A video-clip was produced about the project.

• A blog of the project.

• A page about the project in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress) for all project’s info and activities, which was shared to all participating European communities and to all participating partners and participants.

• A poster was created, including project’s logos, Erasmus+ logo and INEDIVIM’S logo.

• Calendar 2021 in English & Greek language with the project- photos activities.

• T- shirts with the project’s logos, Erasmus+ logo and INEDIVIM’S logo, painted by the Art workshop participants.

• Table-Cups as supplementary activity with project logo, Erasmus+ logo and INEDIVIM’S logo, as promotional material.

Expected impact of the project:

• The youngsters acquired practical digital skills and competencies and got familiar with the new technologies, useful in their personal and professional development. Their teamwork, communication, collaborative, and social skills were also improved.

 • Strengthened their emotional skills (self-confidence, self-esteem), personal development, their communication and social competences, and social skills, broadening their horizons.

• Bringing them out of their comfort zone, making contacts and friendships with other young people, from other European countries for future cooperation.

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